dcd: a Linux CD player by a slacker, for slackers.

dcd was started because I got tired of having to dedicate a whole console to workbone, and the CD players available for X were, at the time, universally lacking in features. They're a bit better now, though.

dcd plays CDs, lets you set up CD playlists, and does most of what a conventional CD player does, in a (hopefully) intuitive manner.

Update, Sometime In 2003: The old "CD Index" went away, which means the online stuff for every version before the current CVS versions is more-or-less broken. Things should work with the current version of libmusicbrainz. Since it's basically the same project, it would have been awfully nice if they'd put in a backwards-compatibility mode, but, well, we can't have everything.

The unfortunate side effect of all this is that dcd requires libmusicbrainz, which requires a C++ compiler and all the attendant cruft. Sorry 'bout that.

Further Update: Hey, it's better now. Go grab the latest CVS code (or any release after 0.99.2) and look at the Makefile. There's a "NETWORK" line in the Makefile. Comment it out, get a copy of dcd that has no network support and doesn't display track names and such, but also doesn't require libmusicbrainz and is generally about half the size. (One of these years I'll put 'em both in the same binary and find a good way to make the old "network" command line switch work again. This year isn't looking good, though.) This got about ten seconds of testing, so if it's horribly broken, lemme know.

Basically, here's the things dcd does, and how to do them (from `dcd help') and an example directory for those lucky souls with network connectivity (from `dcd dir'):

[dave@bureau42 dave]$ dcd h
dcd 0.99.3 ("cassiopeia") (C) 1998-2003 dave@technopagan.org (GNU GPL)
Compiled on Oct  9 2003 with default drive /dev/cdroms/cdrom0
Includes MiniLZO 1.08 by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer

This program is released to the public with NO WARRANTY under the
GNU General Public License. See `COPYING' in the dcd distribution
for details.

Usage: dcd [options] [tracklist]
The following options cause dcd to exit immediately:
      d   Dir      lists the CD directory
      e   Eject    opens the CD tray
      h   Help     displays this message :-)
      i   Info     minimal info/status of current CD
      p   Pause    pause/resume the CD
      s   Stop     stops the CD player (and kills dcd
      v   Version  displays software version
      f   Forward  play the next track on CD
      b   Back     play the previous track on CD
      k   Kill     kill all known instances of dcd

These options are for programming dcd like a CD player:
      l   Loop    loop the listed tracks (or CD if none given)
      r   Random  plays random track from the CD
      q   Quit    Don't detach from console until finished

These are miscellaneous options, intended mainly for shell scripting:
      a   firstrk  Echo the first track number to stdout
      z   last-trk Echo the last track number to stdout
      x   cdindeX  Echo the CD Index disc ID (deprecated?)

[dave@bureau42 dave]$ dcd d
Track  Time  (23 tracks / 71:09) Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack (disc 1)
   1   2:52  Prelude                                      
   2   3:58  Opening - Bombing Mission                    
   3   3:20  Mako Reactor                                 
   4   4:02  Anxious Heart                                
   5   5:06  Tifa's Theme                                 
   6   3:28  Barrett's Theme                              
   7   2:30  Hurry!                                       
   8   2:34  Lurking in the Darkness                      
   9   4:03  ShinRa Company                               
  10   2:47  Fighting                                     
  11   0:55  Fanfare                                      
  12   5:00  Flowers Blooming in the Church               
  13   2:20  Turk's Theme                                 
  14   3:23  Underneath the Rotting Pizza                 
  15   2:38  Oppressed People                             
  16   3:53  Honeybee Manor                               
  17   1:24  Who are You?                                 
  18   2:11  Don of the Slums                             
  19   3:49  Infiltrating the ShinRa Tower                
  20   3:33  Still More Fighting                          
  21   1:29  Red XIII's Theme                             
  22   3:38  Crazy Motorcycle Chase                       
  23   2:14  Holding my Thoughts in my Heart              

It probably does more than that, but who knows?

It doesn't do volume controls, though. For that, may I recommend aumix for the console, or WMixer for WindowMaker. They're the ones I use, and they work well.

The current source code, CVS, and all that good stuff, are available on the SourceForge project page. Have fun.

let the author know how badly it sucks